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involved in the management

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business can all raise 200 people, 200 people involved in this enterprise of all chips, you can also become a shareholder, but also the user enterprise. For example, an organic farm to do business - small old man Ecological Agriculture Co., come up with their 50% stake, by the way all the chips, all to raise the 200 customers, which 200 out of 20,000 yuan per person, the customer can order the farm annual production of meat, eggs, vegetables, farm can delivery to the home, but also guaranteed to be organic, users can participate in the farm business, to test whether or not qualified products, directly involved in the management. By the end, 200 people involved in the cultivation not only eat their own food, but also get a bonus.Why companies can do that  Because he does not need a bank loan, through which 200 individuals received 4 million in start-up capital for farm operations nike air max 2015 mensand production, access to the users, and these users or their own marketing staff, but also for their own business processes, business services , product comments, to optimize these products and services, business is getting better, they do not need money to pay interest on bank loans, no financing costs, of course, can also be beneficial to the user. So, this also eliminates the intermediary bank, so the most effective use of funds.Fourth, the Internet culture will transform manufacturing. The most

typical case is a millet phone, I'm in the decryption millet This book, once the detailed interpretation of the pattern over the millet, which by way of user participation in the design of products, to continue to allow the phone to the extreme, to be optimized. In fact, this is such a tool the Internet has brought this change in manufacturing, manufacturing companies are producing products previously, the user accepts the product. But the future of humanity liberated by the Internet, the user's consumption pattern is no longer the top down, but from the bottom up, is what the user wants to produce products, companies what products, users nike lebron 12 shoesbecome shareholders of companies involved enterprise products customized to help businesses put forward their views, to optimize the products to help companies create products play a very extreme product.Not only millet, many mobile phone companies are beginning to rise, even to get the first start-up capital by means of the Internet all the chips, to produce mobile phones. Therefore, this model will be extended to the whole manufacturing industry, some people say this is the industry 4.0 advocating an idea. In fact, this is the Internet culture and Internet tools to bring

 a change in the manufacturing sector, which would also subvert the status quo in many manufacturing monopoly.Many giant monopoly in some industries, but now I'm finding more and more start-ups appear, almost everyone has a business idea, which is a result of the Internet culture, and Internet technology lead. Many companies can enter the mobile phone industry, can not enter the air-conditioning manufacturing  Can not enter the refrigerator manufacturing  Can not enter the air purifier industrynike zoom kd v sale  Can not enter the other intelligent equipment industry  The answer is entirely possible. Internet culture, Internet tools, relying on the strength of the user and the user's capital, can re-shape manufacturing, and users can get the goods they want, get rid of the whole manufacturing industry monopoly, upgrade the entire industry, this is actually a very big change.Fifth, the Internet culture will change services. Internet services are also experiencing cultural baptism service in one of the most typical case is a taxi software, after a taxi software release, many users can phone a taxi. Former monopoly in the taxi industry, rental companies, car companies, or telephone call, they are under pressure,

between employees and leadership

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efficiency, but is not popular in the era of social networking tools, these attempt is a failure. Through the Internet, can solve this problem. Our Internet tool that can be achieved between the enterprise and faster communication between leaders and employees, without the need for an intermediary. Previous leadership and employee communications, you may need a meeting, e-mail and other levels, to convey this information, this information is conveyed during the inevitable distortion, or there are some problems, but also corporate communication between employees and leadership The level too much, resulting in the entire nike zoom hyperflight onlinecommunication efficiency.In addition, through the Internet culture, and tools can effectively reduce unnecessary organization, some organizations will not produce value the Internet instead. Ren recent conversation, said: The main change is around the 'create value for customers service' to set up processes, systems, can not serve as the center, we have to simplify.Currently, there are many large enterprises all kinds of intermediary, they do not produce their own food, just as the organization's management role, but because of the customer service of this goal distance, they did not lead to

increase capacity, but in the impact of organizational efficiency. The Internet technologies and tools can streamline the approval, supervision, management processes, thereby streamlining, and employees of self-organization and management, and ultimately increase productivity.Meanwhile, Internet tools and can be close links between companies and users, access to the user's needs and complaints. Previously between businesses and users, there will be intermediary, such as the former mall, all as a bridge between businesses and consumers. Were selling goods into the mall, which goods sell well, users of these products have any feedback, you need to fill in some of the feedback alone, and then through the mall, back to business, this process is very slow, reebok zig tech onlinecompanies get the user's complain, demand is very low efficiency. So now we have to eliminate intermediaries, by means of the Internet, the Internet is thought to directly obtain the user's needs and complaints, and ultimately affect the exchange of ideas and organization of business users this level, then the intermediary is eliminated.Third, the Internet is a kind of cultural subversion of the financial industry. Beginning last year, a variety of financial products flocked to the Internet. Balance treasure, Baidu finance, financial Tencent micro letter on penny so that ordinary people can participate in financial management.

Previously in the bank financial needs 50,000 start, set a lot of barriers, but many people do not understand finance. Prior to the bank is an intermediary, he was investing the money by charging users, but there is no communication and exchange between the users.For the fiscal terms for the average person does not understand, if there is the risk  What is the rate of return  There's even the name of fiscal slogan, cheat users to buy equity funds, venture funds, causing the user property damage. In fact, this process is because of the existence of intermediary resulting information opacity, but through the Internet this tool, you can nike air max 2014 cheapeffectively eliminate the intermediaries, the people through a network, you can directly buy financial products, and the yield, the risk is very clear reminder. Without this intermediary after eliminating the commission bank financial manager, the profits returned to the user, the user get higher returns, it will not encounter financial manager scams.In addition, the public use of the Internet to raise development tools are also affecting our entire financial. SME financing now, some time ago the government introduced a management approach to raise public equity, and to release the financing of the entire industry, allowing easier access to financing for SMEs. And all the chips also eliminates the intermediary bank. Through all the chips, a

thought the limitations of

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 to know you can do in this bathhouse; night canteen great comic and drama, got a chance to look at it; Today is Christmas Eve, I hope you are fireplaces warm, there are friends and family companions, supper is ready, gift in hand; if convenient, watching this piece of content, while our parents to dial a call. Recently, some people began to refute the Internet thinking, there is an article called Do not use Internet Zhuangshennonggui thinking, I saw this article in the feeling that he thought the limitations of the Internet, and the limitations of the Internet is just a marketing thinking, just a these means of speculation, in fact, this idea is nike zoom hyperflight cheapcompletely wrong. And we may see a lot of negative thinking Internet cases, such as some mobile phone companies, the use of the Internet thinking wrong, failed; and some thought the banner name of the Internet, engage in restaurants, nail out, these are the beginning of the whole society criticism, thinking that the Internet is the deception.In fact, thinking in the development of the Internet, and certainly there will be some negative, failure, error, and even some cases of deception.Heart of Rock that the Internet thinking, more accurately speaking, should include two aspects, the first is the Internet culture of thinking can also be referred to as the Internet, and the second is the Internet technology. Internet technology as a support,

the Internet culture as a new way of thinking and blood, is affecting the whole community, including any industrial society, are subject to the invasion of the Internet culture. And this tool via the Internet, coupled with the Internet culture, humanity began to liberate the use of Internet technology, which means that the social organization, business organization, business model, and so will a fundamental change, and ultimately make people's lives more OK.First, the Internet or the Internet culture of thinking, the nike zoom kd v cheapfirst is a change in social organization. We see the latest news said that the proposed 90,000 users have placed Premier Li Keqiang desk, which means that the organization and management of the whole society, by way of the Internet has begun thinking to manage. When the people are awakening, anyone can put forward their views to government.Previously we have not the means, and now through the Internet this tool, you can quickly will the wishes of ordinary people, and feedback to the Government, to make decisions. Way before collecting public opinion, through an intermediary to achieve, and intermediaries are all levels of government. The highest leader via the Internet tools, direct access to the user's

wishes, these intentions have not been processed, without modification, nor through the process of PS, it passed to the highest levels of leadership. I think this is the most true wishes. These will of governments can make some real people to make money decisions.Some people say that corruption from the beginning mistress, mistress is actually being exposed through the network, this is a typical case. This tool is the Internet, with all the people affected by the Internet culture, the Internet thinking they have awakened, they can use the Internet tools to the feedback they wish to reach the highest levels of government, thereby increasing the level of transparency of the whole government, whole social progress, progress and this is the way of social nike lebron 12 ukorganization.Second, the Internet is affecting corporate culture organization change. Drucker, the famous contemporary management expert, he believes the current issue of all enterprises, are out in the business processes across the organization is too long, resulting in inefficient decision-making; another person's knowledge management is the key to the success of contemporary business. Haier Zhang also mentioned the inverted triangle mode, Huawei Ren recently talking about Let's hear the person calling artillery fire, decentralization to the small squad, which in essence is the Internet culture and thinking.Haier launched five years ago, the inverted triangle mode, allowing employees to move, do support the management, and Ren's philosophy is the same, this is also a good way to solve organizational

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